5 reasons why to use the Jungfrau app

Explore the benefits of the App NOW

You have already taken the first step to the perfect holiday. You have downloaded the Jungfrau app. Before you ask yourself what the app can do, we would like to briefly present the possibilities, features and benefits. Register and enjoy all the app’s features You can register quickly and easily at the top right. Create an account to enjoy all of the app’s benefits. You can buy tickets, manage purchases and addresses. Based on your personal account, we can adapt information and stories in the app to your preferences. Live updates any time of day Our live menu with the most important live updates from the region will keep you up to date at all times. No matter what you have planned, nothing will be left to chance. Our live menu provides real-time information about the weather, webcam and hours of operation. To better orient yourself, you can access the map of the region at any time. Smart purchasing system with in-app wallet Taking excursions in the Jungfrau Region just got easier. Buy tickets conveniently, securely and quickly via the app! After the purchase is complete, the activation takes a maximum of 6 minutes. Leave the queuing to others! Skiing in the Jungfrau Region just got easier. Buy skipasses for you and your family via our app and load them directly onto your key card or your SwissPass. Or pick them up via the ticket machines at our sales points using the QR code you received. Leave the queuing to others! Recommendations, tips and advice tailored to your interests Having a user account means we can adapt the app content to your preferences and interests. Exciting stories from the Jungfrau region The Jungfrau app is the ideal travel planner once you are there or for planning your holiday in advance. Exciting stories tell you about the Jungfrau Region, show great activities in the region and report about upcoming events that should not be missed.

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